When can I have such a lovely holiday?

Posted by Passio on 20th Mar 2014

I am so much jealous of Alice who enjoys her life much, travelling around the world, having brunch in such a lovely day! I have been to Paris few times for business, and the memorable thing I could re … read more

Sales Target...

Posted by Passio on 11th Mar 2014

When I was a sales person in a company, I was lucky that I didn't have any target or quote to meet every month. Mostly it was seller market at that time, demand was greater than supply. Someone says t … read more

Change and act differently

Posted by Passio on 10th Mar 2014

We feel more comfortable when we expect something to see or happen. We expect much, we probably disappoint ourselves much. We blame why it won't happen the way we think. Well, life is something strang … read more

Making a delicious cake is easy..

Posted by Passio on 9th Mar 2014

Like Winnie, she takes a break for herself and spends time in preparing a such beautiful cake. Well, it doesn't like a cake well, it is an art icon. We will be happy when we do something special for s … read more